Systems on Nanoscale Information Fabrics

Transforming computing for the nanoscale era.
Stochastic Information Processing Systems
Information-Based Mixed Signal Interfaces
Cognitive Information Processing Systems
Nanofunctions & Nanoprimitives

SONIC is a multi-university research center focusing on the design of robust, energy efficient, and intelligent computing platforms using emerging nanoscale devices, which are inspired by the information processing principles found in communication and biological systems.


  • SONIC e-workshop (Organizer: Naveen Verma; Speaker: TBD; Topic: TBD)
    Location: WebEx
  • QR1, YR5 Report Due to SRC
  • SONIC e-workshop (Organizer: Patrick Mercier; Speaker: TBD; Topic: TBD)
  • QR2, YR5 Report Due to SRC

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Recent Publications

  • "Analog Processing to Enable Scalable High-Throughput mm-Wave Wireless Fiber Systems," Asilomar; Arbabian, A., Madhow, U., Mamandipoor, B., Sawaby, M..
  • "Two-dimensional van der Waals materials," Physics Today; Banerjee, K., Ajayan, P., Kim, P.. Download Now.
  • "Characterization of FeCl3 Intercalation Doped CVD Few-Layer Graphene," IEEE Electron Device Letters; Banerjee, K., Kang, J., Liu, W.. Download Now.
  • "Hyperdimensional Biosignal Processing: A Case Study for EMG-based Hand Gesture Recognition," International Conference on Rebooting Computing; Rabaey, J., Rahimi, A., Kanerva, P., Benatti, S., Benini, L..

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